Valparaiso, Chile


WoLLIC will be held in the Main Auditorium (Building A) at Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María (UTFSM) , Valparaíso. The conference will run specifically in the main building of the University, known as Building A (Edificio A, see the map).

The main building of UTFSM is placed in the foothills of Los Placeres hill (Valparaíso) in front of the see. It is also at a five-minute walk from the popular "Caleta Portales" and very close to the frontier of the neighboring city, Viña del Mar. Thanks to his strategical position, it is very handy from Valparaíso or from Viña del Mar.

Talks will run in the Honor Room located at Building A. The Mathematics Department is located at Building F (see the map).

The main building has 4 pedestrian accesses:
(1) España porter's lodge: located at España avenue, this is the main entry to the campus.
(2) Placeres porter's lodge: at the corner of Placeres avenue and San Luis street.
(3) Portales porter's lodge: at Placeres avenue in front of Diego Portales Monument.
(4) Valdés porter's lodge: at Valdés street, very close to Portales porter's lodge and Building M.

How to get to UTFSM?

By metro train. Probably, the most simpler, comfortable, and safer way to get to UTFSM. The closest station is Portales (five-minute walk from España porter's lodge).

By bus. España avenue connects Valparaíso with Viña del Mar, so any bus that passes through this avenue stops at España porter's lodge.

By shared taxi. From Valparaíso there are many lines of shared taxis that transit from and to Placeres hill. You can take a shared taxi from Yungay street or from the outside of Jumbo Supermarket at Argentina avenue. From Viña del Mar all shared taxis that go to Valparaíso pass through España avenue which is closed to España porter's lodge.