Valparaiso, Chile

Accepted Papers

Gustavo Bodanza and Claudio Andrés Alessio. Reinstatement and the requirement of maximal specificity on argument systems.
Zachary Heckle and Pavel Naumov. Common Knowledge Semantics of Armstrong's Axioms.
Ori Lahav and Yoni Zohar. On the Construction of Analytic Sequent Calculi for Sub-classical Logics.
Dan Willard. On the Broader Epistemological Significance of Self-Justifying Axiom Systems.
Zoltán Ésik and Panos Rondogiannis. Theorems on Pre-fixed Points of Non-Monotonic Functions with Applications in Logic Programming and Formal Grammars.
Sergio Abriola, María Emilia Descotte and Santiago Figueira. Definability for Downward and Vertical XPath on Data Trees.
Alessandra Di Pierro and Federica Panarotto. A Calculus of Anyons.
Ruan Carvalho, Lais Andrade, Anjolina De Oliveira and Ruy De Queiroz. Sequentialization for N-Graphs via Sub-N-Graphs.
Beniamino Accattoli and Claudio Sacerdoti Coen. On the value of variables.
Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera. Modal logics of uncertainty with two layer-syntax: a general completeness theorem.
Carlos Areces, Hans van Ditmarsch, Raul Fervari and François Schwarzentruber. Logics with Copy and Remove.
Liron Cohen and Arnon Avron. Ancestral Logic: a Proof Theoretical Study.
Juliana Küster Filipe Bowles and Petrucio Viana. On Distributed Stochastic Logics for Mobile Systems.
Ivano Ciardelli. Interrogative dependencies and the constructive content of inquisitive proofs.
Alexander Baumgartner and Temur Kutsia. Unranked Second-Order Anti-Unification.